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Competition is now: CLOSED
But not to worry as this may happen a lot more often. Please keep checking back at #Thumbsshare for fun times :)

:star: Congratulations to FDNT and Jarkox for winning a one month subscription!

FDNT's sub has been postponed until he comes back from Holiday!

:bulletred:TEN MINUTES LEFT, AMG GET IN DERE NAO.:bulletred:

I'm giving away subscriptions.  It's pretty simple, you don't even have to work particularly hard for it. So, what do you have to do to win one?

:bulletwhite: Join #Thumbsshare within the next 2 hours
:bulletwhite: Post your best works (keeping within the Thumbsshare posting rules - 3 Thumbs per 5 min for guests // 5 Thumbs per 5 min for members)
:bulletwhite: Over the course of the 2 hours myself and moderators of  #Thumbsshare' will decide who the bests works in our secret lair.
:bulletwhite: We will then choose TWO winners for a months Premium Subscription to deviantART.

Because I feel like giving.  I have some spare time on my hands at the moment, I'd really like to help out #Thumbsshare' so I'm killing two birds with one stone.

So come on in, join the fun.
Apparently I'll also get naked, but I don't remember agreeing to that.


P.s - The video in my journal cracks me up EVERY TIME.

Found someone to commission for my tattoo.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 30, 2012, 7:30 AM

As the title says!

I found RodJaASexface through searching 'tattoo designs' on Tumblr. Her work is so pretty and she's going to design me a tattoo, I'm pretty damn excited :)

I have given her probably way too many ideas in one tattoo but we'll see how it turns out!


Go check her out :iconrodjaasexface:

Tattoo Design - Halp

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 10:12 AM

I was wondering if anyone knows a deviant who takes commissions for tattoo designs?  I've looked around on dA at some awesome tats, but it's quite hard to find people who do commissions - so if you know anyone...or even people who just design in general would be awesome :) Thanks!

Taking all suggestions - pretty open right now.

P.S - RE: The song in my journal;
1. mirrorTEA introduced me to Kate Havnevik, so she is awesome for that.
2. This came on my phone whilst listening with headphones, and walking through the busy streets of my was like something out of a movie - amazing. Please listen and give it a chance to kick in!

Oh sexy.

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 15, 2012, 3:31 AM

Just got myself a shiny subscription and decided to search for journal skins. Found this one. Pretty sexy, now I can spread my love for CLARA C and other musics <3

That's all I really have to say, except - Check out my sons work hydralore he really needs some loving and motivation


Because I'm a SILLY GOOSE.…
Awh what a lovely surprise I had this morning. I logged onto dA and saw an unusual amount of messages, so I knew something was up. And one of my deviations had been given a DD.

Thanks so much to admx for the suggestion and trevg for featuring it.

Super happy. dA is definitely helping me occupy my damaged mind right now -_-

Breakfast by KatiBear

.~Xx I love Teddy Bears by Gurinn xX~.
So. I haven't been around for a while. Christmas always seems to bring me back to my 'artsy' self. Favourite time of year ever.

I've nothing interesting to talk about, just wanna see what's going on, how are you? What have you asked for Christmas? (from Santa of course), what are your Christmas plans? Who's a Christmas Scrooge? I love Christmas so much, I love knowing what everyone else is up to.

For my Christmas, I am having a huge family gathering (by huge there's going to be about 15-16 at the dinner table, that's pretty big for me) and I'm super looking forward to it. Mmmmm Christmas food!

My friend Yanareb has been making Christmas crafty stuff which is super inspiring, I wanna see what you guys are making too - as I need to get my butt into gear and do something!

As an update to my life, for anyone who cares, I left University (I was doing photography for those who do not know), which I miss a lot, and I miss where I was living surprisingly, but - it wasn't meant to be.  I was good at my work, a lot better than I ever thought I would be, getting A's and B's - which I never did when I was in school. But things happened, then I met my boyfriend who lived in my home town, and decided to give my home town another chance. I'm currently homeless, and just 3 days ago I went through something extremely traumatizing - but you know what? Fuck it, it's nearly Christmas and I can't fucking wait! YAY.

I've been checking dA a lot, and even reading a few messages now and then is really getting me by and occupying my mind - it's helping a lot.  It's nice to know that you can leave dA for any amount of time, and come back to people who will always be here for you, and new people discovering.

I just want to thank everyone I've ever met and chatted with on dA for being awesome - Especially my 'Gaymo' friends, they know who they are and what I mean (I'm not insulting them!). Yanareb karyaazure MidnightExigent TorsadesPourFoi simmo0916 maggot33 < In no order, you've all helped me a lot :heart: Thank you.

Alright i'll stop being mushy now.

Anyway, whatever you guys/girls are getting up to at Christmas, even if you don't celebrate it - Have a safe Winter :snowflake:

If you're bored, ask me some damn questions:

If you're still bored, read my damn boring posts:

If you're STILL bored, then read my pointless social ramblings:!/Katibear

If you're just as bored as when I posted those links, then I am too boring for you and you must immediately stop looking at what i'm typing....stop it, stop reading this. Why are you still reading? Damnit, I said stop.


.~Xx I love Teddy Bears by Gurinn xX~.
Harro dA,

Been a little while. I've made a super seemingly pretentious Facebook Page, go ahead and like the page if you want to feed my invisible egooo.…

Sup deviantART.

I have an up and coming uni project and I'm looking for a model in the England area (Wolverhampton).  I thought i'd ask here before checking on Model Mayhem as it would be nice to meet up with a fellow deviant to work with.

I'm unsure at the moment as the dates of when I will need a model, but within the next few weeks.

I'm after a female with blonde, 'big hair', preferably, but a wig can always be used instead.

I have a few rough ideas at the moment as to what I want to do, and if you're interested please note me/reply here.

Please be aware that I am a poor student, so this will be for free (Although travel costs can be covered) - And I can give you some prints in return (As I will be working with film).

Do get in touch <3

I bought a candle 12 hours ago and lit it for you - its still burning.  I don't want it to ever go out.
that is all.
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Merry Christmas Everyone :heart:

Hope you all have a lovely time, and stay safe.

What are your plans for Christmas Day, I'd love to hear/read them.

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I've created a Tumblr, check it out

Anyone else on there?

Muchos love
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Looks like i'm moving away from my home town to become a university student!!! =D
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So. It appears I have an interview Friday at my chosen University (Wolverhampton).
Am super excited and super nervous.

Wish me luck!
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Anyone from the UK and doing photography in Uni or have done?
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Why is life so fucking hard sometimes, and why do humans have feelings. It's so inconvenient.
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Lately i've been browsing dA a lot for inspiration, it only reminds me how many amazing artists there are on dA.  

Believe it or not YouTube has also inspired me, I found some great Ink tutorials from a guy called kazushimura.  He does a certain style called Sumi-e which is an oriental style ink and wash painting.

My biggest motivation has to be, when I wake up the next morning and look at the work I have done.  Even though the work I have done may not be great or the best, I still look at it and I'm proud that I've put my efforts into it.

Friends are also a great motivation for me, especially mirrorTEA and EchoingSong.  You guys may be sick of me talking about them, but tough I love them so dearly :P

So, motivation and inspiration...
Where do you get yours from?
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